Daffy: How do you know when you're in love? Well you came to the right friend Love is like an ice cream sundae that you think is never going to end Love makes you feel all tingly, light-headed and pretty Just like a 700-foot robot that's invading a city Porky: A robot? Daffy: Exactly

Daffy: But you're not an evil robot, you're a robot looking for love But there's not a lot of giant 700-foot robots around to love So you glue a bunch of smaller robots together to make one big super robot And you and your robot go out to brunch and by the end of brunch, you're in love Trust me, That's exactly what it's like to be in love Porky: Can I ask a question? Daffy: No

'Daffy: Then you and your robot lover destroy the entire Schenectady Turnpikecause you're doing a robot love dance and you don't care what it looks like And when the armies of the world come to fight you You get into your spaceship And you tenderly embrace as you fly into space Because Earth's not ready for giant robot love That's how you know you're in love Chorus: Find yourself a robot to love Daffy: That's how you feel when you're in love! Porky: I'm not really following you Daffy: Alright, let me put it another way

Daffy: It's just like you're a merman that's 700-feet tall! And you're looking for a lady merman to love! Porky: Don't you mean mermaid? Daffy: Don't interrupt But the ocean is a massive place and there's not a lot of lady mermen'So in order to increase your chances, you travel to the Undersea Merman Mall! Porky: Merman Mall? Daffy: That's where fish and mollusks go to find love Porky: You know, I'm just not sure what any of this has to do with- Daffy: And you find a female merman who is working at a kiosk, selling cellphone covers and personalized keychains Your hand brushes one of her tentacles and she just melts inside Porky: Tentacles?! Daffy: Shut up Her manager gets insanely jealous and stabs you with his trident and you're dead Chorus: Stabs you with his trident and you're dead Daffy: That's how you know you're in love!

Porky: Thanks for clearing that up for me Daffy: That's what I do!