Presidents Day

Presidents Day

Lola naes all of "our Presidents"


Lola: When the snow flurries swirl And we're all filled with cheer, It's time to celebrate My favorite holiday of the year...

You know which one I'm talkin' about... Presidents' Day.

It's Presidents' Day, and it's time to reflect On those wonderful men that we elect. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Alec Baldwin. Celebrate Oscar De La Hoya Who fought off the British so they would not annoy us. Raise the flag, the stars & stripes Our 41st president, Wesley Snipes Charles Nelson Reilly won the war With the help of his mighty vice president, Thor. We were in trouble at the battle of Manila But lucky for us we had president Godzilla.

(Godzilla Roars) Thanks President Godzilla.

My country tis of thee Sweet land of Mr T. and Ms T. They did so much for us Like president Spartacus Who chopped down a forest So we can have softer toilet paper.

O.K., this is really soft. And now let's salute one of our greatest presidents, President Johnson. Oh no, no not that one No. No, sorry not him. Oh, there he is!

So celebrate our fearless leaders Like Harrison Ford and his VP, Derek Jeter. And let's not forget President Pacino Who fought at the Alamo with Robert De Niro. Celebrate, everyone's dancin' For the first woman president, Scarlett Johansson It's Presidents' Day... Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh oh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh oh oh...

Oh my gosh, I just sounded exactly like President Christina Aguilera. That is so crazy.

People MentionedEdit

Actual PresidentsEdit

  • George Washington, The 1st President
  • Thomas Jefferson, The 3rd President
  • Abraham Lincoln, The 16th President
  • Andrew Johnson, The 17th President
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, The 36th President

Fake PresidentsEdit

  • Oscar De La Hoya, The 4th President
  • Spartacus, The 29th President
  • Godzilla, The 32nd President
  • Wesley Snipes, The 41st President
  • Alec Baldwin, The 42nd President
  • Earvin "Magic" Johnson, The 43rd President
  • Scarlett Johansson, The 1st Woman President
  • Christina Aguilera, The 3rd Woman President


  • Charles Nelson Riley
  • Mr. T

Fake Vice-PresidentsEdit

  • Thor, Charles Nelson Reilly's Vice-President
  • Derek Jeter, Harrison Ford's Vice President
  • Robert De Niro, Al Pacino's Vice-President

Fake First LadiesEdit

  • Mrs. T (Mr. T's wife)


  • Lola's patriotic superheroine outfit is similar to that of Wonder Woman. 
  • The animation of the celebrities are references to another show by Warner Bros. (and another Cartoon Network shows) animated series, MAD.
  • In this Merrie Melody, Lola is seen wearing her normal oufit but it features the American theme and a bow on her ears and also wearing red and white stockings and cowgirl boots.
  • Lola even mentions Scarlett Johansson, the movie star who appeared in Casa De Calma as Starlett Johansson.
  • According to this song, Lola isn't very knowledgable about American presidents.
  • This is the second Merrie Melody to have people and places in both real life and in 3-D.
    • Take Note: The First time was in Chicken Hawk and the next will be Chintzy.
  • Lola appears in 29 different places.
  • Spartacus was a leader of Roman slave uprising during the Roman republic era, famously portrayed in the 1960 film Spartacus by Kirk Douglas.
  • This music video was animated by Yearim Production. And MAD animated sequence in this song by Bunko Studio.
  • To date, there has not been no female president.
  • Godzilla is a Japanese icon, and is already King of the Monsters, so to be president of the United States would go against his cultural origins and his friends on Monster Island.