The Looney Tunes Show-Tasmanian Meltdown

The Looney Tunes Show-Tasmanian Meltdown

 "Tazmanian Meltdown"</u> is a song sung in the episode "Newspaper Thief."


Taz's Personality is described


Narrator: 'Oh there's a rumble in the backyard! It's a shakin' twistin' cloud Seems someone's pet is getting way upset Something awful loud He just swallowed up his doghouse Knocked a barbecue into space Then he sucked up Bugs' swimming pool Spit out a tidal wave Tasmanian Meltdown comin' There's a meltdown comin' Well, you better start a-runnin' When the ground starts hummin' There's a meltdown comin' I don't know what sets him off

Taz: I don't know.

Narrator: Is he upset about a girl? No! It's' anyone's guess 'Cause he's not the best Communicator in the world Taz: Don't judge me.

Narrator: We'd love to get him to settle down But he just scratched through the wall He got the police chasing after him 'Cause he's headed for the mall Tasmanian Meltdown comin' Like a hurricane comin' (Taz melodically-shouting indistinctly)


  • The song is also sung by Damon Jones.
  • While Daffy never said anything, he was heard shrieked in terror after Taz snuck up from behind.
  • Taz was heard singing unintelligibly in some scenes and a few words that is completely understood like "I don't know" and "Don't judge me".